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40th Annual Spring Classic
Sunday April 23rd, 2017

Rockford Speedway / Rockford, IL

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In a brief e-mail to the touring series’ it was announced Veteran’s Raceway Park, Tomah, is under new management. The e-mail stated, “As of now, new management will not be having any touring series onMID-AM IN ACTIONMID-AM IN ACTION the schedule for the remainder of the year.”

Mid-American owner, Doug Strasburg comments on the change, “Opening a new track in this racing economic climate is a challenge to say the least. It may take adjustments to get some footing. Mid-American wishes them the best and hopes the Mid-American family will support this track as well as others in their communities.”

By: Pastor Todd

Pastor ToddMid-Am Chaplain Todd ChristophersonHave you ever been asked that? I have not been asked that. It is always, “Who won (the race)?” I know guys that go out and win practice and then when it comes to qualifying and racing they are mid-pack or worse. Now you can learn things in practice but I know of times where in practice guys are chasing speed and try a new set up and it does not work and they cannot seem to get back to where they once were.

Now practice can be really good. It can be a time to win. A time to learn fast lines, good tire pressure, and good set up. It is a time to learn to win.

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