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40th Annual Spring Classic
Sunday April 23rd, 2017

Rockford Speedway / Rockford, IL

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By Pastor Todd
This is a special time of the year. Many of us look forward to this special time of year.PASTOR TODDPASTOR TODD It is not just the young ones. It is like all of us that are involved in racing look forward to the opening race and how special that is. There is a lot of work to get the car or truck ready and it seems whatever the date is for the first race there is a crunch to get things finished and ready to go racing. Matter of fact, if we are not careful we can be so busy that we miss the fun and the moment. We need to draw back and really look at what is going on around us and 1) be thankful and 2) really notice what’s important about the time of year whether that is the start of a race season or this time of year.

So please right now let’s stop and think about some of the important things of this season as we look at a few verses and share a few thoughts on them.

By Pastor Todd

As Veterans Day approaches we need to stop and say thank you to each person who has served, is serving and will serve this country. Your sacrifice has not gone unnoticed. We know many families who have given much for us to enjoy the freedom we have. We continue to pray daily that those serving will get home safely.

You know how important I think it is to thank the men and women who have served but this year I want to spend a moment thinking of others who have served and are serving. Please stay with me on this.

Whenever I think of those who in the armed services, I also think about the ones who serve here on the home land as police, firefighters, in hospitals, etc. Thank you for your service. I also think of those who serve the LORD. I do not just mean the people in “full time” or “paid” ministerial positions. I mean the Dad who spends time in the Word and in prayer and teaches, pours out, the Bible on his family. I mean the Mom who is training her kiddos. It is the Grandparent who prays and encourages the children of several generations. It is the neighbor who cares for the one across the street and so on. They all serve in important ways.

by Pastor Todd Christopherson
I am praying for a good and safe July 4th for all. It is a great day to come together and be thankful for the nation we live in. God placed each of us exactly where He wanted us to be. It is a weekend that we need to take a moment and reflect on the freedoms we have here.

Let me ask you a question. Would you want to live in a country that has less or no freedom? We have read about some of them. Some have even escaped from countries that don’t allow for the freedom and rights we enjoy.

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